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Your data warehouse is your source of truth for customer data. Hightouch syncs this data to the tools that your business teams rely on.

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No scripts. No APIs. Just SQL.

  • Your data warehouse has all your data. Why stop at analytics? Hightouch operationalizes your data warehouse by empowering you to sync data to any SaaS tool with just SQL.
  • Don’t build yet another incomplete “source of truth”. Leverage your data team’s ongoing work to build core definitions in Looker, dbt. etc. Get the full picture.
  • Sync data into any SaaS tools without coding using Hightouch’s visual mapper. No engineering favors required.
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How it works

Select the data you needWrite SQL directly, define the data you need in our Visual Audience Builder or import from existing tables and dbt models.
Choose a destination from our catalogChoose from one of the 60+ destinations available in Hightouch.
Manage mappingsConfigure the mappings that define how fields from your query should map to fields in the destination.
Set up a schedule and begin syncing dataMultiple basic and advanced scheduling options are available. Set up one of these and watch as data begins syncing!

Salesforce wasn’t built for product-led growth companies. The key to finding qualified leads across Zeplin’s millions of users is looking at product usage metrics. Without Hightouch, our account team is running blind.

Andrew YipSales Operations @ Zeplin
Better than building in house

Leader in Reverse ETL & Operational Analytics

Hightouch provides unique workflow and developer features that no other provider has so that everyone can activate the data they need.

Warehouse First

Unlike iPaaS solutions like Workato or CDPs like Segment that trap your data with rigid data models, Hightouch enables you to own and activate your data in your warehouse

Observability & Monitoring

Deep observability comes built-in through features such as our live debugger, as well as alerts through tools like Slack and PagerDuty when data syncs break

Visual Audience Builder

Business team members can filter the data they need, without needing to know SQL.


Sources & Destinations

Hightouch allows you to sync your customer data to a variety of destinations.


Integrations supported

Enterprise ready

Advanced features

Secure by design (hybrid architecture)Hightouch is built on top of your data warehouse. We do not store your sensitive customer information, which makes compliance a breeze.
Privacy and permissions built inSupports SSO, 2FA, and enables granular permissions over resources. Easy to comply with GDPR and CCPA.
Data governanceControl the flow of sensitive data via Hightouch's hub-and-spoke model.
Two-way sync with GitManage your queries and mappings in Git rather than logging into the Hightouch UI. Updates in Hightouch will commit to Git as well, so you have full version control.