Sync customer data to your sales and marketing tools

Hightouch is a data platform that helps you sync your customer data from your data warehouse to your CRM, marketing, and support tools.

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Business teams enabled by data

Just SQL, no scripts

No need to read 3rd party API docs and write code in SOAP/XML. Hightouch's integrations are always up to date as vendors update their APIs.

Eliminate data requests

Hightouch manages mappings between SQL queries and SaaS systems, and allows you to edit them with 2-way git sync. Send live data to your SaaS tools where business users need it most.

Plug and play integrations

Hightouch connects to most production databases and data warehouses on the source side. On the destination side, Hightouch has a large catalog of integrations you can send your data to.

Purpose built for modern data teams

  • Your warehouse should be the source of truth for your customer data
  • Leverage your existing queries, views, and models
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with dbt, Looker, etc.

Visibility and debugging features out of the box

  • Full visibility into the status and progress of syncs. Get notified in Slack when something needs attention
  • We use batch APIs and ensure you don't hit rate limits. If anything fails, we manage retries and checkpointing on our end
  • Live debugger to see which API requests are being sent and what they're returning, see granular errors and logs as if you were using your own in-house tool

Advanced features

Secure by design (hybrid architecture)

Hightouch is built on top of your data warehouse. We do not store your sensitive customer information, which makes compliance a breeze.


Supports SSO, 2FA, and enables granular permissions over resources. Easy to comply with GDPR and CCPA.

Two-way sync with Git

Manage your queries and mappings in Git rather than logging into the Hightouch UI. Updates in Hightouch will commit to Git as well, so you have full version control.

Data governance

Control the flow of sensitive data via Hightouch's hub-and-spoke model.

Activate customer data in your warehouse

Data warehouses contain all your customer data. Hightouch turns your data warehouse from an analytics tool into the source of truth for your business applications.

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