Empower all teams with a unified view of your customers

Hightouch intelligently connects your customer data systems together and provides all teams access to the data they need.
Built for customers
Ollie makes it easy and fun to combine interface blocks and build pages fast.
Perfect for business
A wealth of styles and elements makes Ollie perfect for building websites for small, medium and large businesses.
Great help center
Build with confidence and take advantage of Webflow’s vast library of tutorials.
"Hightouch is the most innovative tool I've seen for customer-obsessed companies."
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Connect your data sources

Hightouch is entirely pull-based— no need to write code, wire up third party integrations, or push data to us.

Pull data from
    • CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot)
    • Internal databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo)
    • Helpdesk (Zendesk, Service Cloud, Front)
    • Communications (Email, Slack, Intercom)
    • Billing (Stripe, Netsuite)
    • Spreadsheets (Google Sheets, Airtable)

Build the go-to dashboard for customer information across your org

Anyone can build or edit customer dashboards using our drag-and-drop editor. No need to pull in engineering or write SQL.

Rich visual querying

Like "Advanced Search" but across all the data that your company has on its customers. Set filters visually to answer questions like who your top paying customers are and which ones are at risk of churning.

Instantaneous search indexed on data across your company

Our search will point you in the right direction, even if you're looking up records from your company's internal database in real-time. Our engine will index your customer data across all sources without needing to re-access the respective APIs, meaning you get results blazing fast.

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