A single view of your customer

Hightouch is a growth marketing platform built on top of all the data in your company's data warehouse.

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Build business teams enabled by data

Unify customer data in your warehouse

Data warehouses are the best place to contain all customer context and touch points. Hightouch helps analyst teams resolve identity and assemble raw data into a unified customer view.

Rich visual querying and segmentation

Hightouch querying is like "Advanced Search" but across all your customer data. Explore and segment customers from warehouse data without having to ask analysts.

Sync data and cohorts to business apps

Get data into the systems you need without taking time from engineering. Hightouch lets you push data and customer segments into CRMs, marketing tools, advertising platforms, and more.

Built on your data warehouse

Hightouch builds on data from your warehouse— no need to write code, wire up third party integrations, or push data to us.

Ready to leverage your customer data?