Hightouch is built with Security in mind

We take great care in managing your company's data as well as your customers', utilizing best practices for privacy and credential management

All permissions are managed by Slack

Our servers only have access to the data you explicitly share with us via Slack's fine-grained app permissions model. By default, all access control is managed by Slack. Employees can only see messages that they can see in their Slack app in Hightouch— nothing else.

We help govern your Slack channels

IT and security teams love us. We understand that your organization's Slack data is highly-sensitive. We can manage the process of provisioning shared Slack channels in an enterprise so that your company doesn't have to plan and roll out its own processes.

We support GDPR and CCRA requests

We are compliant with GDPR and CCRA standards and accept deletion requests from our customers through our platform. We can also provide a DPA by request.

Manage access to your account

Centrally manage your policies for access with Single Sign-On (SSO) on the Business plan. If you already use SSO with Slack, it will work out of the box through our "Sign in with Slack"

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA provides an additional layer of security beyond your username and password. When logging into Hightouch, you’ll also enter a code from your mobile phone.

Password guidance

When choosing a new password, we provide visual guidance to help customers pick strong passwords that have not been exposed in security breaches on other websites.

Built on your data warehouse

Hightouch builds on data from your warehouse— no need to write code, wire up third party integrations, or push data to us.

Replace in-house ETLs and scripts

In-house ETLs waste engineering resources on problems that are the same between most companies.

Centralize and unify customer data

Consolidate customer data in your warehouse and sync this view to the tools used by your business teams.

Broad suite of integrations for any use case

Hightouch integrates with an array of sales, marketing, and product management tools.

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