May 18, 2020

Hello World - Why we built hightouch

We built our travel company with Slack as our distribution channel - we were booking travel for people over Slack. When COVID hit, we started building Hightouch so that other companies could talk to their customers over Slack as well. the more we talked to customers, the more we realized: customer data is scattered across various sources and impossible to find. Hightouch centralizes that customer data.

Customer Data

You'd think that all this data lives in SalesForce. Wrong. After the sale closes, B2B companies end up storing customer data in

  • Slack
  • Zendesk (or some other helpdesk software)
  • Jira (or some other project management tool)
  • their own internal database

This isn't intentional, customer data just ends up wherever employees talk to customers or about customers. Different parts of the company have access to different parts of the data - no one is seeing the full picture.

Until now.

Enter Hightouch

The Hightouch app makes Slack more powerful

Our first product brings customer data from all your other tools into Slack - and gives you a task manager and inbox view to organize your Slack. A lot of companies, like Segment, use shared slack channels to talk to their customers, which is why their CTO said

“Hightouch is the most innovative tool I've seen for customer-obsessed companies.”

In the form of a sidebar - Hightouch brings your customer data to Slack - whether from Salesforce, Zendesk, or Jira. We're building new integrations every week and will soon support data from your company's internal database and allow you to create your own sidebar elements so that your company's internal tools can also live in Slack.

The Future

Our sidebar is made to live in all your SaaS tools. Since customer data is scattered across so many sources, Hightouch connects the dots between those sources and shows you customer data when you need it. If you have n places where your company stores customer data and you're looking at 1 of them, we bring in data from the other n-1.

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