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Working with syncs

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The Sync page provides an overview of your syncs along with their status, which model they use, the destination they write to, the schedule, last run and created at dates.

Sync Status

Your sync's status is based on the latest information available on a run:
  • Healthy: a recent run completed
  • Pending: no runs have been scheduled yet
  • Disabled: the sync has been disabled through the UI
  • Querying: a sync is querying your model
  • Preparing: a sync is preparing your data for your destination
  • In Progress: a sync is writing to your destination
  • Incomplete: a sync had a temporary interruption, it will be resumed in a new run.
  • Aborted/Failed: there was an error in the sync progress, check the errors on the sync to see why the sync failed.

Run Details

When viewing a specific sync, you can view detailed run-level information. A run is a particular invocation of a sync, either triggered manually, via an API request, through an Airflow/DBT integration or via a schedule.Each run provides the number of records processed, added, changed, removed, and rejected. If there were any errors, click the View Error button to view details related to the run.For the added, changed, and removed columns the number of records succssfully sent to the destination appear in green as the first column. The number of records attempted but did not successfully complete are in the second red column.For example, if a record was removed from the model and it was successfully removed from the destination, you will see a green 1 under removed. If the record was not removed due to an error, you will see a red 1 instead under the same column.


The configuration section exposes destination-specific configuration options. Check out the Destinations page for the particular destination you're using for more details