Smart LinkedIn Automation

Automate the most impactful LinkedIn engagement activities for sales, marketing, and recruiting

Supercharge LinkedIn with HighTouch

Automatic Follow Ups

Automatically send a personalized follow-up message to contacts who don’t respond to you after a set number of days.

Say Hello to New Connections

Automatically send a personalized welcome message to your new connections.

Send Personalized Connection Requests

Send personalized connection request messages based on your target personas which are more effective than InMails.

Massively Grow Targeted Connections

Search for new contacts you want to engage with and send mass invitations to connect within a few clicks.

Send Personalized Direct Messages

Engage your existing contacts by sending personalized direct messages which can be segmented by your target personas.

Connect with Engaged Contacts

Automatically send invitation requests to everyone who likes and comments on your posts.

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Smart LinkedIn Automation for Sales, Marketing and Recruiting